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Learning Resources

The Malak Malak Vocab Builder App, a free interactive and educational game, offers you the opportunity to broaden your vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner. Be it wild animals, food and drinks, or a multitude of other categories, this app caters to every aspect of life and culture.

Designed with the support of Malak Malak speakers, the app features dozens of culturally relevant categories. Each word in these categories is accompanied by an audio pronunciation and a visual aid, easing your learning process and helping to cement your understanding of Malak Malak.

The Malak Malak Vocab Builder App is available exclusively for the Malak Malak community and is protected with a password. Whether you are a Malak Malak person learning on your own or taking a beginner’s Malak Malak class, the app will help build your confidence in using new Malak Malak words.

Tailored for both iOS and Android devices, the app offers an exciting journey into the Malak Malak language.

Discover the richness of the Ngarluma language with the free Ngarluma Vocab Builder app available for your Android phone or tablet. This user-friendly vocabulary game opens up a world of knowledge with categories such as wild animals, food, drinks, and beyond, helping you to grow your Ngarluma vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

Developed in collaboration with Ngarluma speakers, the app includes 26 culturally relevant categories and houses more than 280 words and phrases. Learning is a breeze with audio pronunciation and visual aids accompanying each word.

Test yourself with built-in quizzes, which challenge you to match English words to their Ngarluma equivalents, and vice versa. As you complete each level, you’ll unlock new words, ensuring your learning experience remains fresh and engaging. The app also provides a progress tracking feature and a review system, so you can revisit your words at any time, categorised by activity or topic.

Get started on your language journey today by downloading the Ngarluma Vocab Builder app!

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